Welcome to Chiltern Tutorial School.  We are a small, independent day school for girls and boys aged 7 to 13, who are struggling in a main stream school due their Specific Learning Difficulties.  We have expertise in teaching children with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia and other language based problems.

The aim of  Chiltern School is to  provide your child with a happy, supportive and caring environment.

Many children are  swamped by the classroom situation.  At Chiltern School the learning environment is adapted and lessons are presented  so that children can learn and develop their considerable abilities.

The Chiltern School works on a very individual basis with its pupils and the small number means each child gets a huge amount of attention and a specific approach for their needs.  Children very often attend here for a year/two years/three years and are then filtered back into the mainstream once they have made appropriate progress  and and have acquired the skills and approach for them to flourish in a mainstream school.

We teach the individual child not the system.

Ofsted Schools Inspection July 2012“Teachers have good specialist knowledge of approaches to help pupils who have dyslexia and associated difficulties and they draw on a good range of resources to support learning….  Pupils make good progress, especially in reading. Many have a history of struggling to read and write and enter the school with a much lower level of attainment than expected for their age. Teachers use praise and encouragement well to boost pupils’ confidence and give pupils strategies which help them to ‘make sense’ of text. The intensive work provided in small groups, and in individual tutorials, is particularly effective in accelerating progress.” Read the full OFSTED Report here