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Brain Gym

Recent research has shown the benefit of movements and activities to enhance learning potential.

The pupils at Chiltern Tutorial School follow a daily programme of simple and enjoyable movements and activities designed to help both sides of the brain work together.

Relaxation and breathing are also used to oxygenate the brain. Back ground music is used to stimulate whole brain learning.


About Brain Gym by Joshua and Luke

"Every morning we drink some of our water before brain gym Mrs Gaudie play’s pop party one. The first move is cross crawl. We touch our right heel with our left hand behind our back. The next move is puppets. After puppets we do elbows. We lift our left knee to our right elbow and our right knee to our left elbow. We normally finish with lazy eights.

We do Brain Gym at our school because it helps us to concentrate and helps our brain work better.

This school is the best school ever."

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