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 I am writing to you about what it is like to be dyslexic. I am ten. I find story writing, spelling, literacy, reading and some times understanding hard.


I find story writing and spelling hard because I can’t remember what order the letter go in and when I half to rite a story I feel under pressure so I can’t do my best.


As soon as I left my old school and arrived here I’ve got much better. I’ve finally got 12 out of 12 on my spellings.


Oh and I am reading big chapter book’s personally I think am doing very well and if I don’t understand my teaches will explain it again for me.


At my old school I got made fun of for not doing as much work as them and I got held in at brake I got taken out of my favorite class in the afternoon.


My mum spent months looking for a school that might take me. My mum was starting to think about me getting me home school just at the last moment chiltern tutorial school came up on the computer screen I came for a taster  day the next day I started.


There isn’t many people in the school . That means we get better classis I LOVE IT HEER.

Bye the way We love to have more girls.

 What you could do to help

   Dyslexics children is

  • Say things slowly so they can take it in.
  • You can give them colored cards like pink,blue,yellow,green and purple some children find it hard to see the letters some children see that the letters jump up and done with the colored card is easyI found the yellow the easiest.


         Hope this information helps and Thank you for reading


Yours Sincerely


Ps sorry about the misspellingsmiley





“Hallo I’m Bruno,
I am a dyslexia person. It means you have problems with certain subjects at school. It is unkind to laugh at someone with dyslexia. Its unfair those people with dyslexia because they could lose some of their friends because of it . It makes them think they are un-cool. I go to Chiltern. It is a good school I feel a lot better. At Chiltern it’s mostly dyslexia people, they understand each other.”


“When I came to Chiltern Tutorial I hardly ever joined my writing now I always do. My spelling has improved.
I used to get one or two right in tests but now I usually get them all right.”……………….Carol


“When I was at my old school people made fun of me because I was dyslexic. But now I can read hard books.
So I wish they did a secondary school.”……………Fred


“I was pretty bad at maths, I was slow at adding big numbers and I couldn’t do my timetables and I wasn’t good at reading, I have improved a lot.”………………..Jack


“Before I came to Chiltern Tutorial Unit I used to wander around the playground looking for a friend, whilst they would talk about the dumbest boy in the school, me. The only friend I had was my brother, he stuck up for me and when I went into lunch no one would sit with me, they would move onto different tables to me. Until I got home, I would walk down to a little wood I know. I would walk far into the distance where no one could find me . There is a tree there that I know and it is all on its own and me and that tree are terribly alike , because no one would come near us, until I came to Chiltern Tutorial Unit. They don’t think I’m dumb…” Matthew


Other quotes from the children:


“Jamie Oliver is dyslexic and he got a hard job and because everything was hard to him he could do the hard job…”


“Dyslexia sometimes makes you feel left out…”


“It is horrible when a little kid says what does this word say and you can’t read it…”


“Being dyslexia is good it makes you think beyond how normal people think…”


“Dyslexia makes you frustrated when you can’t read or spell a word…”


“It is good being dyslexic. It gives you good imagination and that can get you far in life because you can get jobs like being an architect or an artist…”


“Sometimes teachers don’t understand dyslexia and the way you have to do things…”


“Being dyslexic you might have a good imagination but sometimes you just can’t get it down on paper…”

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Dyslexia Friendly Classroom Tips