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Children work at their own level and pace using structured and multi-sensory methods. Our Literacy and numeracy lessons are taught individually and in small groups and the proximity of the school to Winchester and the surrounding countryside means that history, geography and science topics can be brought to life by visits and outings.


We believe that children working in small groups in a small school are able to feel secure and more self confident, teachers and staff know their pupils as individuals and meet their learning needs.


At Chiltern Tutorial School we try to ensure that everyone is treated fairly. All children are given equal access to the school and its curriculum and all children are considered equal in the learning partnership.


Our teaching methods are based on:


  • building on strengths
  • multi-sensory methods
  • setting precise and achievable goals
  • organisation skills
  • valuing effort
  • encouraging independence
  • fostering self-esteem

We emphasise the importance of a holistic approach to learning encompassing the creative, emotional, moral, physical and intellectual potential of each child.

Dyslexia Friendly Classroom Tips