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We offer a full English course, based on the National Curriculum, incorporating the ‘Phono-Graphix’ system of teaching reading and spelling. This programme enables us to address the difficulties with phonology which dyslexic people experience. Our results have always been good but ‘Phono-Graphix’ has enabled us to help our children to achieve gains in reading much more speedily.
We teach with a wide range of multi-sensory teaching materials, games activities and educational software to support the English curriculum.
 A varied selection of graded high interest fiction, non-fiction, reference and taped books are available for pupils’ use as well as a wide variety of fiction and fact based books specifically written for children with dyslexia.

We use a number of interventions to fill the gaps in our pupils literacy skills.


Toe by Toe

 Lexia Core 5 


Talk for Writing




Dyslexia Friendly Classroom Tips