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Read what parents have to say about our school.

“Finding Chiltern and the style of schooling you offered was a breath of fresh air to us, Myles arrived with you unable to read, write or spell, he was intelligent yet frustrated because he just did not ‘get mainstream education’.
By the time he was 9yrs I remember how proud he was to tell me ‘Mum I can read like a 15yr old now!’ as a parent I cannot stress enough how unlocking his potential has unlocked his whole world of education and as his mum I couldn’t be prouder of his achievements.
He stayed with you at Chiltern for the 4 years of primary because I wanted him to have the best chance of going back into mainstream education and being able to survive large class sizes. Chiltern with its small group sizes and higher pupil teacher ratio were able to nurture him with their specialised teaching and resources and focus him on how to use different coping strategies.
I am delighted to share with you that he has now almost finished his first year (Yr7) in a mainstream senior school and he is absolutely flying, I thought the transition from Chiltern would be really difficult for him but I couldn’t have been more wrong, he settled into the school really quickly and he does lots of after school activities including chess, basketball, cricket and athletics.
With regards to his education he is able to hold his own in large class sizes, he is in the top sets for all subjects, with the exception of English which he is just below the top set. His new teachers say this is only because of his inability to get stuff onto paper quickly enough and they are now making provision in Yr8 for him to use a laptop. As I say to Myles ‘it’s the nature of the beast – dyslexia and not being able to get things out quickly enough’.
So in summary my reasons for choosing Chiltern as a small safe environment in which he could learn at his own pace and not feel pressurise has absolutely paid off and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Chiltern to other parents in the future.”


“Many thanks for making Sam such a happy boy these last few years. Don’t know what we would have done without you………….”


“Just to let you know I have seen a big change in Richard and his attitude towards school. From a child who cried all day and dreaded school to a child who can’t wait to get to school. He is now showing great interest in subjects he did not like had no time for. His reading is greatly improved as has his spelling and handwriting…………..”

“The only comment we can make is, ‘wonderful and thank you.’
The main thing that sticks in my mind is Luke coming out of schoolthree days after he started with you and proudly announcing as we crossed the car park, with a look of wonderment on his face – ‘Mum, my teacher knows exactly how I think!’ From then on he has gone from strength to strength, he has matured, he is more articulate above all, he is happy. ……………….”


“Our daughter had not enjoyed going to school for a long time. So when she was counting how many hours to school , just like Christmas, it made moving to Chiltern all worthwhile……………”


“My only criticism of the school is that they don’t run a secondary school!


“Our child’s work is improving but it is the improvement in self-esteem and confidence that has been amazing……………..”


“I really do think that Chilternlaid the foundations for our son
to go on and reach his potential at the Gregg School, thanks for
all your help.”


“This school [Chiltern] is not good, it’s outstanding.”

“From a parental point of view it appears that the infant school is where our children’s educational and emotional strengths and unfortunately sometimes significant weaknesses are identified.

It is at this point we as parents have the opportunity and power to either ignore what we have learnt and hope the Junior school will be better equipped to support our child to allow them to progress or seek a more professional learning environment to support our children and give them the ability to learn how to overcome their own personal difficulties.

If we choose the later as I did, when we sent our son to Chiltern Tutorial School, there is a good chance they will make enough progress to enable them to survive the very fast paced life of the secondary school. Our son made tremendous progress and is now better prepared for Secondary School.

However, If you choose to ignore your child’s needs at Junior level there will be no second chance, Secondary School is far too demanding to play catch up .”


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