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Bruce Gaudie



Jane Gaudie


Deputy Headteacher 

Kim Webster - Computing- ELSA


Special Needs Teachers


Sacha Thorne- PE

Pam Wetherall- Science


Special Needs Support Teachers 

Theresa Denness - Individual Learning Support

Vicki Stacey - Handwriting 

Frankie Fox- ELSA- Welfare



About Us


Chiltern Tutorial  School was established 21 years ago to meet the essential needs of children with Specific Learning Difficulties. The school has flourished and we are now proud of its reputation and success in providing a caring, nurturing environment for our pupils.


As a small school, we are able to address individual needs and requirements and, whilst following the National Curriculum, can respond with a flexible, multi-sensory approach which encourages creativity and fosters a positive context for learning and development.


The aim of the school is to provide a happy, supportive and caring environment in which children who are not reaching their potential will be motivated to learn.


Children are provided with strategies to build up their

self – esteem and to acquire essential skills in order to make a successful return to mainstream education.


  • Pupils have full access to the National Curriculum
  • On entering the school the pupils are assessed and an Individual Education Plan is drawn up and then reviewed every term.

We have a consultant psychologist available for parents to consult who also provides the teaching staff with support and advice.


We believe there is no substitute for a visit to the school where the provision of The Chiltern School can be experienced first hand.  We would be very pleased to welcome you, therefore, if you feel you would like to come and see us, arrange a taster dayand discuss any aspect of our work  just call us at any time on 07855766675.


Chiltern Tutorial School History


My wife, Jane Gaudie, had worked in mainstream primary education and trained and taught with the Dyslexia Institute. She felt that some children required more than a couple of hours a week dedicated to supporting their dyslexia. There was a need for a whole school approach in order that dyslexic children could reach their full potential. We developed the school in our own home and grounds in September 1995. On this site the school grew from three children to sixteen children.

In 2001 the school moved to new facilities in Otterbourne. The school now has places for thirty children and is registered with the Department for Education and Skills.

Dyslexia Friendly Classroom Tips